Air Traffic Control

Take your navigation skills to the next level with this new game of Air Traffic Control! Instead of navigating one plane while flying like in other plane games from, you will be controlling the lanes for all planes in this airport! Use your coordination skill and the best with arranging landing routes to make sure that all planes get to land where they need to at the right time.

Thanks to the lovely animation, this fun graphics game brings the latest arcade-based air traffic control gameplay to the players here with a great set of obstacles to explore. What you will be doing is using the mouse to drag, which creates landing routes for your chosen planes. Make sure to secure one lane for each incoming airplane or helicopter. Each lane needs to be available for one plane at a time only, and it depends on how good you are at managing the airspace of these crowded airports.

The more planes you land successfully, the more maps and trips with new destinations you will unlock. Conquer the new record on the number of choppers and planes you can set on the ground now! Enjoy this intuitive interface which is suitable for kids of all ages, with a responsive design and endless gameplay that are updated daily!

In order to successfully navigate all flying airplanes and helicopters to the safe landing zones specifically assigned for each, learn how to arrange the limited given spots to the faster planes first. It's all about prioritizing to win this game online at ABCya 4 kids! Would you like to test out more free games with similar themes and equally exhilarating gameplay such as Rock Paper Scissors?

How to play:

Use the mouse or the touchpad to navigate the planes and choose the lanes at airports.