Rock Paper Scissors

This simple game of Rock Paper Scissors has come back to the gaming set of ABCya land to allow the kids to have a blast competing with the CPU or their friends! You can either choose to play a solo match against the computer or set up a server for you to play with another friend. Like the name of the game, you will participate in a fun competition with the classic game of Rock, Paper, or Scissors.

Most kids have tried this game in real life before, how about targeting other countries' players in this virtual game? You can choose your unique nickname on your terms and compete against the randomly chosen online players. It's fun to brainstorm the next moves and see if you can beat the others. The rules remain unchanged and it's exactly the same as the original game.

In the set of Rock, Paper, and Scissors, bear in mind that Rock beats Scissors, Paper beats Rock and finally, Scissors beat Paper. Utilize this rule and choose the right one base on your opponent's previous moves. Or just simply guess and randomly dispatch your choice! It's a fun game with vibrant animation, a high-quality arcade game theme, and the best scoring system.

There's no need to worry about the record of a previous gaming session as you can just start a new one whenever you want. The first player among the two to record a set of three victories shall be the one to win the match. How many matches can you conquer with your reflexes, intelligence, and luck? Conquer more card games, jigsaw, puzzles, or brain-training games such as Urban Stack from our free game list here at with your talent!

How to play: Click on the options that you want to choose.