Puzzle Love

Our latest gaming option Puzzle Love will be a fresh game from https://abcya4.net/puzzle that you can enjoy during playtime and explore your puzzle gaming skills. Let's get to the end of the tough trip to get the couple back together! The basic mechanism of this game remains puzzle gameplay. You will tackle a series of different puzzles, which you will have to solve to get the boy and girl together in one final spot. There are evil enemies, obstacles, and strange items in between. Don't get too close to the deadly items or enemies and try to swipe towards another path. As it's a puzzle game that enhances your thinking and out-of-the-box brainstorming, feel free to use any strategy you like.

Plenty of ways are available to crack one puzzle, however, think carefully to avoid reaching dead-ends. The platform or maze that you are getting the characters through will be different and in the form of a cassette player. Simply swipe to move and change your path. You can control the movement of the boy and the girl, so choose either to move when it's necessary. The best players shall be the ones to complete all available courses and levels within the shortest time frame ever.

Keep advancing to see more nice graphics and elaborated maps on the higher levels. Such fascinating and fun gameplay will keep you hooked for a long time, so we would like to share this opportunity with you for free here at ABCya free games ! How about a bit of sports games, action games, or arcade to spice up your diverse game experience even more with some options such as Jewels Classic or Wood Block Puzzle ? Conquer them all and enrich your imagination with cool storylines!

Controlling keys: Use the left mouse to hold and drag to move the characters.