Save The Obby Blox

Get the right block to help secure our little Roblox from the attack of the bees in this new game at! Save The Obby Blox is all about making sure that none of the bees can get to Obby. Your most helpful tool will be different shapes of blocks that can shield Obby from them. You have a limited window of time to get Obby to the haven. First, take a look around the screen and estimate the size of Obby. You will see a frame of block hanging above his head. Choose the right size and shape before releasing the mouse to drop it.

Thanks to the vibrant graphics, this casual puzzle physics game brings back the era of physics and an interactive combination of games! Use your intelligence and problem-solving to decide which defense line is perfect to go against bee attacks. Shape size and coverage will be the two most important elements in this game, so start finding the most suitable ones for each stage. It's all about getting your bees to steer clear of your robot friend, or else the game will be over. Your scores depend on how much you can do to complete the levels soon!

A total of 20 levels are here for the kids to freely have fun during their free time, with a variety of game displays and layouts. Get all the stars it takes to save Obby and make sure no bee can get close! Other similar games of the puzzle such as Stick Hero - Mighty Tower Wars and Super Samurai will have more elaborated gameplay, but with slightly distinct themes and unique platforms of their own. Take the time to explore other games on our free gaming world by clicking  and spread the fun spirit to other friends and family members!

Controlling keys: Use the mouse to choose the shape.