Noob Huggy Kissiy

Bring these two bears in Noob Huggy Kissiy from the hidden jungle to overcome these obstacles and get home safely! This new ABCya arcade game will require your utmost attention as you are in charge of controlling two bears at the same time. The two bears - Huggy and Kissiy miss their home and they need your help to survive the dangers on their way home.

The snow starts to pack up on the platform and we need to hurry up before it's all fully stacked up. Your goal in this game is to bring both the bears to the exit gate on each level without touching or coming into contact with any monster. Traps, holes, deadly spikes are also scattered all over the place to make your journey harder. Watch out for the moving enemies as they might hide around the right side of the snowy forest and show up randomly.

Bees and slimes are the most common enemies that you might encounter on the way, so do your best to steer clear of them for as long as possible. How long will it take for you to complete 10 different maps and reach the final gate leading to the next doors?

This game has the colorful graphics with pixelated character design and an elaborate gameplay for you to spend hours entertaining yourself with this one at! Since you are moving two bears at the same time, make sure that you don't leave any of them out of sight or get into dangers! Keep the streak going with more games like Noob vs Blue Monster from our website too!

How to play:
Move the 1st bear using WASD, move the 2nd bear using arrow keys.

Double jump available for both characters as well.