Matchstick Puzzles

Train your logical thinking as well as puzzle-solving skills with this new game of Matchstick Puzzles from the collection of new games here. It's a new generation of puzzle games with a combination of mathematics features and arrangement features. You will have fun rearranging the matchstick, with a math equation embedded on it. Let's spare some time to discover this game and we will guide you through every step of the way! No worries if you are the first-timer of this game.

Read through the in-game tutorial and rules and you can slowly work your way through the few first easier stages. The rule is simple. You will need to add one match to the given picture to make the equation true. Keep in mind that you have to use all of your matches with no match left behind, and all matches in the equations need to be shown. It's quite a difficult puzzle game that will involve training your memory, logical thinking, and the ability to use given resources to make meaningful equations.

Math can also be fun in such a cool game like this, so check it out when you have free time! Kids of all ages can enjoy this game as it helps to develop logical thinking, creative solution that is out of the box, and imagination. A simple yet fun animation of the game graphics will be soothing for your eyes too. Find out how fast you can master this art of matchstick arranging game and win with top-notch results! Even adults can have fun with this mind-teasing game for free at ! Other similar themed games such as Grass Reaper and Fluffy Cubes might be suitable to be the next session to improve your talents, so check them out later.

Controlling keys: Use the mouse to choose and move the matchstick.