Claw Crane

Cute, cuddly aliens in this game of Claw Crane will entertain you for a long time with the soft and adorable movements! In this game, the players will join the rescue mission of these characters and use the claw crane to pick them up. Whether they can be transferred to safe places on time is up to you entirely!

Pick-up ratio and speed are two important elements in this game so pay attention to them from the starting point. If you get lucky, you might even get some freeze boosters, combo points, additional time, and many more to your advantage! The team of cute aliens with Opusa, the green octopus, Iciri, the neon orange alien, Ayagu, the red round crab, and many other characters like Etuca, Oxofe, Uphalu are waiting for you in this lovely game! Choose the initial and your character before hitting start on this ABCya online game. The rule is as follows: before the time runs out, you have to try and fulfill 2 conditions.

The first one is to pick all targeted aliens whose names are shown on the board. The second is to reach the required points for each stage. A total of 3 alien types will show up from time to time on your screen. Your targeted aliens will worth 5 points, while the dropped ones are for 2 points each. Normal aliens can only bring you 1 point, so think carefully before making any move. However, the claw can only move in a clockwise direction so it will take a while to rotate back to the starting point in case that you miss out on one target at the beginning of the game. Keep exploring the fun space-themed games with more games like Dracula Jump and Mr. Jack Vs Zombies from

Instructions: Click or tap on the screen to drop the claw crane.