Shoot The Duck

Coordinate with your friend, the hunting dog, and take down the ducks in this shooting game called Shoot The Duck! Not only is it a fun ABCya shooting game but it also has a cartoony graphic design and cute characters. As the duck hunting season is here, you need to bring your trusty companion, the dog to help you bring booty back home with your precise shots. The game will start once you click on the sleeping dog to wake him up. There are several targets that you must hit so that you can come to the next round.

Take a look at the range of targets at the bottom of the screen as those will represent the total number of requirements for one stage. Move your target aiming round accordingly to the flying duck and hit the shooting button once it corners the duck. Be quick and move the target bar fast enough to catch up with those flying duck. If you fail to shoot the ducks down in time, they will disappear as they fly off the screen. Keep track of the bottom horizontal panel for reference to your performance constantly!

Three bullets are given to the players to hit the ducks. Due to the scarcity of the bullets, use them properly and don't let a single duck fly away on your watch! In order to successfully access the next rounds, you have to shoot down a total of 6 ducks. Of course, the higher the levels are, the faster those ducks will escape! Improve your shooting technique with more moving targets in other games like Rotated Dots and Fireman Jet from and gain the top ranking as a professional duck shooter!

Controlling keys:

Move using W, A, S, D or arrow keys, tap on the screen or click the spacebar to shoot.