Uphill Rush 5

Uphill Rush 5 is a thrilling game which is playable abcya4 net. Welcome back to the fifth installment of the fun-addicting Uphill Rush series. Set up your personal created object and race as fast as you can through the giant water park. Perform awesome stunts and destroy everybody and everything passing your way to increase your score.

Choose your favorite vehic to play and collect as much as possible cash. In this game at ABCya games online, you have 6 Cups and 2 modes: Time Trial and Race. Your main job is to control your vehicle and win all the races. Along the way, you can collect money. You can use money to buy new outfits and new vehicles. In the lower right corner of the game screen is a mini-map. You can look at the mini-map to see the distance between you and the destination.

In each race, you will control different vehicles. The challenge for you in this game is the complex terrain. You can jump and use the Turbo to overcome dangerous situations. Each time you complete a Cup, you will have money. Note that you need to complete 4 Cups to unlock Cup 5 and Cup 6.

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Use the arrow keys to move

Space bar to stunt

X to turbo

M to map