Fairy Tale Dragons Memory

Fairy Tale Dragons Memory will bring the challenging gameplay of a card game where your memory is the most crucial factor that contributes to the chances of winning. Don't miss out on the chance to compete with online players to see who can get the highest scores in this ABCya free online game from the collection of card games. If you have been familiar with the other card games, you will get the rules of this one in no time. Your job is to simply flip the tiles to make sure that only the same ones get flipped up.

By doing so, you will manage to match them up in pairs. Time will be recorded to use as a score-determining element in the final turn of the game, so you should keep an eye on the clock at the corner of the screen. You will win once all the pairs are all matched up and there's no card left behind unmatched. Also, the fewer moves you use, the higher your final scores will be, therefore, try to come up with a way to finish with the least moves! Will you be able to overcome a total of 4 levels of different card images?

This world of Fairy Tale Dragons Memory will bring your ability to complete the challenge in a short time up a notch. Besides, there're tons of chances to share your gaming tips and tricks. You and your friends can also learn from the experienced and advanced players. Our world of free games from https://abcya4.net/ is famous for daily-updated games that will suit your taste and fun enough to share with your friends and family. Tackle more challenging games such as ... or Backgammon and Social Blackjack if you can spare some time!

How to play: Click the left mouse to flip the identical cards and match.