Beach Restaurant

Manage your restaurant and build all your signature dishes from scratch in this game of Beach Restaurant for the fun summertime! It's a simple point-and-click interactive ABCya4 online game that will definitely train you on how to create your restaurant and place it on the map alongside others. The daily task to run a new restaurant includes making new dishes, serving, fulfilling customer requests on time and without any mistakes. Only by carrying out the tasks accurately and quickly will you be able to keep your customers' rating high and earn revenue day by day.

There is a limitation on how long the customers are willing to wait for your order, which means that once they get impatient, you will most likely lose one order. As there are also different types of drinks, make sure that you pack the correct ones according to the customer's request. To make the perfect cake order, it's crucial to match the frosting and the decoration on the design. Let's learn how to make the most delicious and mouth-watering donuts, cakes for your beloved customers in a short period of time!

Get your highest star rating and earn satisfaction from customer reviews so that you can shine as the best restaurant manager in this game of cooking theme at! Seek help from your friends if you are having problems with managing so many staff and workload, and enjoy more girl games for kids such as Baby Food Cooking and Hot Dog Bush. We guarantee that your cooking skills will be up a notch after this hilarious and enjoyable colorful game. Unlock the gaming collection and update yours daily with these free options!

Controlling keys: Click or tap on the screen to interact and to serve the customers.