Hot Dog Bush

One of the most famous stalls in this street of ABCya 4 land is the hotdog stall of Bush who is ready to sell the most delicious hotdogs! Let's give him a hand in the kitchen and complete the tasks to make sure that the customers get their steamy hotdog before any of them gets angry! Each customer has his or her meal orders or requests above their heads, so you need to check it and carry out the cooking accordingly. Prepare the hotdog with the ingredients, sauces, and types of bread as required for each customer, and don't mistake one's order with another.

It's your job to keep check of the stove so that the hotdogs aren't overcooked or you will have to throw that batch away. Another important point that you need to check is the clock on the top of customers' heads. If they have to wait for too long, they will get angry and leave, which leads to a decrease in your revenue. Make sure to guarantee both elements of time and quality and your stall will attract even more customers. Let's see how many days will it take for you to become the most famous chef in town! Are you ready to work your way up slowly from the smallest region to the top of Wall Street in this game of

Keep updating the menus to create diversity in choices and reach the target revenues faster. Not only will you learn how to prepare hot dogs and side dishes but you will also get to learn to work under the pressure of time. Only by succeeding in one level will you be able to move up to the next one with higher difficulty levels, so be patient and finish your tasks one by one. Once it's done, continue with other cooking games like Perfect Christmas Cottage and Paw Care

Instructions: Click the mouse and move it to cook.