Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

Try out our new ABCya racing game and learn how to fly this unique fire truck! Utilize your skills to conquer this game of Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim where your best technique will be crucial to supporting the art of rescuing the other innocent characters on the platform. The storyline focuses on how to become one of the best firefighters in this crowded city. In the journey to become the hero that will save the city from the fire incident, you will need to manage some of the most important tasks like maneuvering the direction and movement of your fire truck, putting out fires, and rescuing the trapped people from these burning buildings.

Stay alert for any upcoming incident or emergency in the city! Once the bell has rung, you need to bring your truck and team from the rescue department as soon as possible to the assigned location. The most important goal is not only to remove the fire but also to prevent any possible casualties. It's good training under the immense pressure of multiple tasks that will help you to become a good lifeguard. Explore the cool graphics while driving the flying truck toward the fire!

The cool realistic setting and city landscapes will keep you hooked on the game for a long time as this is the highlight and special feature of this game. It might take a while to learn how to flexibly move the truck while getting stuck at the intersections and while crossing all the roads, but you will soon master the art of saving lives with this lifeguard-themed game! Enjoy more fun games for free such as Real Construction Excavator Simulator or Moon City Stunt from our new game list at


Move with WASD or arrows,

use the Z key to spray water,

the Q key to fly or land the truck,

and I to view instructions.