Moon City Stunt

Moon City Stunt is the next generation of ABCya racing games where the players will start on a new adventure with their unique car model to reach the moon! Learn how to control your car's motion and drive around at high speed so that you can conquer this city under the moonlight and get the title of the winning side. There is more than one simple basic racing mode here. You can freely explore the variety of two game modes, consisting of Racing and Free Driving mode.

If you have two players, you can go ahead and tackle any of them, as both are designed with two players in mind. Unlock the collection filled with five different vehicles while racing against time! In the Racing mode, five amazing tracks, each with its signature layout, will be available for your exploration and racing experience. Regardless of the levels, you need to try to reach the finish line within the limited time range of 60 seconds, or else you will fail the level. Don't fall off the route or get drifted off the edge.

For some harder routes, the curves will be insanely challenging and require lots of drifts for professionals. Controlling your speed will be one of the most important factors in winning this game as moving through each section at a suitable speed is crucial. Learn where to slow down and where to accelerate. In the second mode of Free Driving, feel free to drive around and explore the ramps with zero restrictions or limitations. The coolest feature will be the zero-gravity environment, so start your engine and enjoy this game at now! Other car games like Real Construction Excavator Simulator and Slot Car Racing can easily be your next choice for a refreshing playtime!

Game controls:

Player 1 drives with arrow keys, N for nitro boost.

Player 2 drives with WASD, T for nitro, and C to look back.