Paw Care

Paw Care is the new business that has the potential to bloom and makes you one of the richest owners in ABCya 4 land! Don't miss out on this new game for girls who love to take care of the most special and precious customers - the lovely animals! There is a new pet hospital in the town that lacks some staff, which is why we are looking for another member to join the medical staff in order to guarantee the best daily operation and care for any animals that visit our facilities.

Don't worry if you haven't gotten any experience in this field of work because this game provides a top-quality tutorial and step-by-step guide so that even the little kids can enjoy this game online! To be qualified as a crucial member of the medical staff, the player needs to complete the daily tasks affecting the operation of the animal center. From helping the animals move to their place, feeding them when it's time, bathing to help small animals break the invasion to their home, you will get the chance to try out all kinds of tasks.

Moreover, the 3D simulation features will be a highlight as it creates a realistic atmosphere and stimulates interaction between the players and the characters in the game. This game is within your finger with just one click on so don't forget to check it out and add it to your basket of favorites! Other than given tasks, this game allows the kids to freely explore their boundaries when it comes to caring for weak and injured animals. After learning some necessary tips and procedures in this game, why don't you try more simulation games such as Baby Food Cooking and Owl Witch BFF Dress Up?

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Controlling keys: click to choose animals and use keyboard to interact or move.