Owl Witch BFF Dress Up

Owl Witch BFF Dress Up is a new girl game with a dress-up theme, but the main characters in this version are nothing like any other characters from the list of games in ABCya girl games! Would you like to find out the daily style of a witch? Your job is to choose the best set of outfits for each lady in this witch house. Keep in mind that there are three elements for choosing an outfit for a witch and these will be the contribution to the assessment of your performance in this game. A suitable outfit should be pretty and classy as the girls love the most beautiful clothing.

Also, you should make it suitable for each girl because each of them has a different figure, height, and face shape. Try to emphasize the highlight and pretty features of each girl to make them look better! The last element that will decide whether an outfit is good or not is the length of it. Since witches have to fly on a broom and perform spells, they will have trouble doing such activities if the outfits are too long. Keep these three elements in mind and start becoming a stylist for this mysterious world of witches, demons, monsters, and tons of other magical creatures.

It's time for you to meet our three lovely witches: Luz, Ida, and Amity, and have a great time choosing their outfits! Multiple styles are available for you to pick, ranging from tracksuit, coats for witchcraft session, formal dress, tight leather pants, and others. Finalize each outfit with the magical accessories for spell casting and other items like hats or boots! More fabulous girl games like Hatch Your Unicorn Idol and Yes That Dress from https://abcya4.net/ with the best closet are filled with modern pieces, so don't miss these out.

Controls: Click and drag the left button to choose the pieces.