Traffic Arrow

Traffic Arrow is the new gaming selection with the theme of arcades for our little friends here at ABCya 4 puzzle land. Thanks to the simple and minimalist style of setting, you will be able to dive into this amazing game of maneuvering and controlling the blue arrows. The traffic is filled with white arrows which can be a bit crowded and overflowed on the screen. What you will do is to make sure that your main character - the blue arrow doesn't come into contact with any other white characters.

This will require good navigation skills, highly concentrated ability for the highest records possible. It's best to avoid the grey balls as well since they tend to shift on the path and crash into the others. It's an endless game, therefore, do your best to stay in the game for as long as possible.

Other cool features of the game will wait for you to discover. Find the best position to drag the balls to and control the movement as you wish to make sure that there's no chance of failing! Watch the direction that all white dots are moving towards so that you can predict them properly. Pass over the balls swiftly and smartly to make sure that you keep the blue dot in the safe zone of the game. The traffic will only get more and more crowded and heavier over time, therefore, do your best to keep the best performance! Other fun games like Aqua Blitz 2 and Monster Mover have similar themes and gameplay, and they are all available for kids here at! Go ahead and pick whichever you favor having the most memorable fun time!

How to play: Tap on the next position and the direction that you want the blue dot to move to.