Come to the sports game collection here at ABCya Land and ace your part in the latest football game of - a new sports game with the io platform. This game will bring the realistic setting of a basic sports game to test your skills among multiple fast-paced soccer players who are excellent at their work. The only rule that you need to follow is to do all that it takes to win each stage with the help of your teammates.

Rest assured that the game has an in-game tutorial that will be perfect for you to understand the basics as well as the mechanism. The global chat function also allows the players to interact and chat during the game. Learn to create an account to keep your statistics saved and continue from the old record. There are plenty of ways that you can utilize to win the game, but the basis of this game remains the art of conquering a football match.

Move on the field and take over the ball with your available tools. Don't let your opponent get any closer or get your ball from your team. Once you make it to the goal of the opponent, you can kick the ball and aim to score the best goal! Feel free to customize your character with the chosen items from the store and keep enhancing his capacity, speed, and precision in kicking.

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How to play:

Move using WASD keys,

run with the mouse,
right kick with the left button,

and slide using the spacebar.