Bob And Chainsaw

Bob And Chainsaw will be the best option for you if you are looking for a game with unique characters, an elaborate storyline, addictive gameplay, and vivid graphics! The players can take this chance to get into the daily work of Bob and his Chainsaw from abcya4 action games, with the main task of cutting down the logs in the forest and stack them up neatly. The only tool that is given to you will be the chainsaw to chop down the logs efficiently.

First, you need to learn how to use your saw correctly before jumping into any task of chopping down logs. Once you have mastered the art of using this dangerous chainsaw, start chopping and remove the obstacles that will prevent you from reaching the branches. Be careful when choosing which branches to cut next and avoid the ones that might crackdown on you. This means that any branch that has the potential to fall on your head or your chainsaw will be out of reach. The second that you are crashed or come into contact with any of the branches, the game will be over immediately.

After spotting the suitable ones, move the chain saw to the left and right like you will do normally to cut the logs off the tree. As the crucial point of this game at is to avoid the onrush of twigs falling on top of your characters, keep an eye on where your character is standing and move flexibly. Use your wisdom and techniques to solve this problem and gather the most logs possible! Gather your besties and check out other similar-themed games of Element Evolution or Endless Siege, all with the arcade gameplay and for free!

Controls: Cut and control the chainsaw using the mouse cursor.