Boomerang Snipe 3D

Boomerang Snipe 3D is a stupendously intriguing throwing game  on abcya4 kids. First used by Australian Aborigines as weapons when they were hunting, a boomerang is a curved flat piece of wood that you throw and that can fly in a circle and come back to you. It is in imitation of this physical phenomenon that this game has been made, in which your mission is to throw darts and destroy the fruit.

It is said that boomerang is a powerful flying weapon with strange physics knowledge. Boomerang Snipe 3D is a matching arcade game with 3D pixel pattern blocks and stickman models. The target for you is to throw a boomerang to destroy the provided pattern with unlimited throwing times. Don't forget to avoid stickman enemies at all levels!

Please share the fun and you have for your friends and invite your friends to join the game to have relaxing moments together. Why don't you challenge yourself to participate in some similar game  Interstellar Run at Feller 3D.

Instructions: Mouse to play!