Brave Baby Escape

Brave Baby Escape is a fascinating casual game on ABCya 4 puzzle games. Calabash Brothers or Hulu Brothers is a Chinese animation TV series. Legend has it that two demons were jailed in the Calabash Mountain, one a Scorpion spirit and the other a Snake spirit. It is the calabash brothers that are able to beat them. In this game, you are about to play the role of one of the brothers. Your mission is to deliver your dear foster grandpa.

Try to make a break for it in Brave Baby Escape. It's an exciting online game based on Calabash Brothers, a popular Chinese animated series.

Team up with a tyke who has amazing powers. She's determined to make it to the end of a maze in each level. Help her avoid or defeat her enemies along the way in this escaping game.

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- Interesting gameplay in its genre!

- Beautiful & colorful graphics!

- Intuitive interface!

- Easy controls!


Click or tap to control.