Track Rotate

Putting the pieces of the tracks for your truck to the right placement and conquer this game Track Rotate for a great gaming time with a casual puzzle game at! The layout and gameplay are quite simple and easy for little kids to understand. The highlight of the game that has captured the attention of plenty of kids is the pixelated graphic!

Emerge in the top-notch animation of pixels with the loveliest color palette of pastels such as pink, blue, and grey! You will carry out the work of building the right path for your truck to bypass and reach the other side, regardless of the layout and the levels. Among the available pieces of the tracks, there will be one or two misplaced with reverse directions. Your main task in this game is to reverse the misguided pieces and rotate them to match the rest of the puzzle pieces.

Before the time runs out, could you finish this work? Finding and locating the location of the pieces that need rotating is one thing, but reversing them is another challenging quest. When you progress further, the difficult layout and complex setup of tracks will keep you on your toes! Keep an eye on the time and make sure to make it before the clock runs out! Plenty of kids have enjoyed this pixelated game and love the animation as well as the gaming experience, it's your turn now!

This is the perfect chance to channel your inner construction builder and make sure the pieces of bridges, tracks, and lanes are correctly placed with one tap! Conquer plenty of new games with various gaming modes, such as Dog Puzzle Story 2 or Traffic Control Math to explore the diverse collection of games exclusively for you here at ABCya land!

How to play:

Click on the pieces to rotate them.