Crazy Jokers 3D

Crazy Jokers 3D is a shooting game that revolves around a squad of clowns. As in the movie, these clowns are not kind people. On the contrary, the clowns you will encounter in this 3D game are gangsters who are really involved in criminal activities. The goal of these kidnappers is to kidnap more people. You must use your greatest strength and work hard to save your best friend from the bad guys.

Each new level will be more challenging, requiring your sweat and blood, and you must collect more and more money. The most exciting part of this fun adventure is your battle with the kidnappers. Since your friends are in danger, your mistakes may end their precious lives. Therefore, the only way is to hand the money to the kidnappers.

WASD or Arrow Keys to move.Crazy Jokers kidnapped some people along with your Best Friend.

What you have to do is, Collect more money and pass each round.

You can save your friend only when you Beaten the Final round.

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WASD or Arrow Keys to move Use Upgrades to Collect More Money Watch Ads to Earn More Diamonds Don't Get Eliminated!