Fruit Swipe Mania

Fruit Swipe Mania has many levels for players to explore at ABCya4 games. Move the same fruits to score points to create a new way of playing. Make a special candy rocket by matching 4 same fruits in a row and you will get the magic cake when you match 5 fruits in a row. Move them together to collect more fruits. Each level limits the number of turns you have to try to get points before you run out of moves. Try to unlock every level to discover some new challenges. Win with the highest score and you will gain 3 stars in the journey.

Re-join the level many times if you haven't reached 3 stars. This colorful and fun game becomes special to any participant at The new game world is here. Are you ready for this challenging journey? Each player has a different way of playing. Connect and match the same fruits to get the highest score. The remaining steps you have completed the level used randomly. Have you shared this game with your friends to organize a contest? Use the fewest moves to score points and win difficult levels. You won't be bored with this game of ours.

Many players have gone on the journey without being bothered by ads or game loading speed. Win the hardest levels of this fruit collecting game. Each type of fruit has a different shape and color for you to observe and choose when collecting them. Horizontal or vertical rows of fruit with the same number of fruits are selected. Harvest fruits in a special way in this game. We also recommend many similar games for you to explore such as Tile Master Deluxe and Stone Smacker. Unlock the hardest missions today.

Controls: Use the left mouse button to move the fruit through different positions