Gun Guys

Play and have fun in this new shooting game and adventure based on the Gun Guys game from ABCya 4th games. The nasty guys have returned! To beat them all, use your rifle, intellect, and reasoning! To receive the highest prize and unlock additional perilous assignments, kill adversaries with a single gunshot. Prove that you are the best hit master! DIFFICULT PUZZLES Can you complete each level with three stars? Combat the evil guys and save prisoners by using the things around you and various weapons. The following brainteaser becomes increasingly difficult as you progress! A slew of new difficulties are on the way.

We help players explore the new world and you're ready to update your favorite games list in your free time with lots of similar games with this game like Pixel Smash Duel. Will you overcome all the games in the best way?


The Warrior of the Ultimate Rembo, Ninja, and other experienced heroes are ready to face the villains. Unlock all of the Gun Guys' crew members! DEATH WEAPONS Use your head and different weaponry for different missions. Fire bullets that are ricocheting, bouncing, or straight, as well as explosives. Remember to acquire all of the fantastic weapon skins for even more spectacular combinations!


Use your brain! Defeat your enemies the smart way, save the world and become a true hero! Get ready for challenging quests like you've never seen!