Bubblequod 2

If you have been familiar with the 1st season of Bubblequod 2, this second version will be quite a twist for you to tackle in the playtime thanks to the new storyline and unique challenges! Sam and his brother William used to work at a big factory that produces yellow rubber ducks. To protect themselves from the poisonous water and substances, they have to wear a special suit.

Due to an accident, Sam has disappeared from his brother's group! The main task now is to search for the way out of this tunnel and save him! As dangerous poison water is everywhere in this tunnel from ABCya new games, the players need to search for a safe route. This route should not only be big enough for the main character to move but it should be safe and steady as well.

Once you have grasped the basics of the game, there will be harder and harder levels unlocking for your new exploration. You can get some skills, moving techniques, and tips from good players with the top scores on the Leaderboard of this game. Also, you shall find that each dungeon contains countless challenges with unique layouts and separated rules, so do your best to adapt.

Don't forget that you need to steer clear of flooded paths and make sure not to touch any of the dangerous water in the sewer of this factory. This is a cool cartoony online game with a continuous storyline from the original, which makes it much more elaborated and interesting! Come to the category of new games from our site https://abcya4.net/ to spice things up with some good games like Baby Chicco Adventures or Pipol Smasher!

How to play:

Move and jump through blocks using arrow keys,

press the spacebar to switch the characters. Hold the mouse to view the whole level.