Crazy Pig Simulator

Crazy Pig Simulator is an epic game of havoc which is playable abcya3 hot games. Seriously, you are a pig that escaped the farm to start a new life full of adventures in the city. In this games, you will control a mad farm animal destroying all kinds of things and attacking people walking on the streets. Collect coins and make destruction combos to earn lots of points. 

Hello our friend! That's right, in the city there is a lot of interesting things to do. We will show you everything now! You can move around as you want, but please, pay attention to passing by cars and other dangers that could end your life right on the spot! You will need money, a lot of money! You can get them by completing tasks and collecting coins that are scattered around the city. Let's cause chaos! Have fun.

As you complete each mission throughout the city, you can upgrade your pig to change their appearance and make them look truly scary and crazed! This is a huge amount of fun and a great way to release from stress and have a laugh. How much damage can you cause with our pink friend?

Good luck and have fun! You may want to play more similar games like LA Rex or Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator. Check out at and you will find a lot of nice games every day! 


WASD or arrow keys to move

Space bar to jump

Left click to attack