Daddy Rabbit

This game from ABCya 4 action land called Daddy Rabbit is the new version for this gaming series and it's a new additional theme for kids who enjoyed the other similar throwing games. A uniquely created graphic design and 3D animation will be a good supplement to make this game more addictive and attractive for the kids. You will assist the daddy rabbit to search and gather all his lost babies. This quest takes place inside the most amazing underground burrow you've ever seen, with lots of strange objects and unique items.

The baby rabbits will be scattered all over the place as they have the tendency to fall asleep peacefully everywhere! To gather them all, move through different holes and burrows to grab them. When the daddy rabbit passes by, they will follow him automatically, therefore, there's no need to do anything else. Keep your distance from the bunnies because they will cry if the daddy bunny gets too far. Don't wander off and stay with the little rabbits! This will prevent the zombies from getting to eat them. Another task for the main character is to defend the babies using the carrot punch and chase the evil zombies away from the kids. The movement for you to control is the movement through the burrow.

Choose the destination by clicking on a place in the tunnel. Carrots-shooting will be the most powerful move with the top defensive purpose. The players can also get creative and use the other items gained to upgrade the damage range to protect the naive bunnies! Come to explore more unique animation worlds in other games, for example like Go Go Panda and Titan Swamp Attack from the list of!

Controls: Move with AWSD or arrows, shoot carrot using the space bar, and put the bunnies to sleep with the B key.