Demon Raid 2

It's time to join Targa in this game of Demon Raid 2 in his march to stop the barbarian invasion and defend the city of Danalor. In order to stop the onslaught and defeat the demons that are creeping in a free tower defense game as intense as this one from, you will need a lot of fighting techniques. Not only will there be more than one battle in the war but there will be different strategies for you to utilize.

Your job is to train the defenders and place them along the road to stop the attacker. First, choose the barrack that you want to place as well as the defenders that you want to train. Keep in mind that you can train any 3 kinds of units at every barrack at the same time. The most used soldiers are the Foolman, Archer, and the Sorceress. Make sure that your team is filled with the necessary force to reclaim the kingdom as fast as possible.

Placing your soldiers wisely will be helpful as you need to ambush the attackers along the road with your team. How are you planning to place your trusty sorcerers, archers, and knights in this game ? Don't forget to stock on diamonds to upgrade and buy more equipment for other battles! There are many realms in this online game that you can freely discover in your quest.

From the Gorge bridge, Rootluk Tavern, Worm Valley to the Pharch Ahn, each comes with a special theme and challenges vary. Let's dive into this elaborated storyline with the magical land and fights against monsters now! Feel free to check out more action-themed games like Girl Surfer 3D and Imposter Smasher, all from our action category for kids!

Controlling keys:

Click to choose and place the barracks and the soldiers.