Dot Tap

A puzzle game with intense gameplay like Dot Tap will soon be one of your top choices for a touching puzzle game with fun gameplay for you to spice up your free time a little bit. The goal of this abcya 4 game is to make sure that you click on the emerging of the two balls of blue and purple. On the screen, the blue ball will be constantly moving from one place to another, while the purple ball is the goal.

Once the position of the purple ball is changed per turn, you need to estimate the exact moment that the two balls are colliding. If you manage to do it right, the blue ball will bounce back toward another direction and the purple one will pop up in another place. The distance between the two balls might vary depending on the difficulty of the turn, however, it's always in a straight line so all you need to focus on is the timing, not the direction.

Whether it's close or far from each other, it's crucial to follow the screen at all times to get the hang of these balls' positions. A tip is that if they are far away from each other, you get more time to think and to react when these two get closer. However, a shorter path will get you a point easier and faster. The more you play this game at alongside other puzzle games like Funny Forest and Circus Words, the more you will be able to master the art of estimating the time. Let's start following the purple ball to get the precise position for the blue one! Become the best at this game and have fun with other similar-themed games as well!

How to play: Click on the screen once two balls collide.