Element Evolution

One of the most leisure and relaxing game with a slow pace is here for your enjoyment: Element Evolution! Not only is it a brand new game from the list of ABCya 4 online games but it's also a cool simulation game with a new type of gameplay. Players will never get bored of this game if they are hooked by an endless game in which your scale will continue to expand. The rules of this game are quite simple, but it allows players to continue to learn more types of crops as they progress throughout the game.

Keep collecting the resources by putting crops on the free block to cultivate and earn coins. As they fully grow, you can merge two similar crops to see if they can create a new element to your farm. For example, when you merge two plants of Weed, a new one called Moss will show up on the farm. It's a simple yet addictive type of gameplay that keeps the kids go on merging more and more! Continuously put more crops and expand the scale quickly to gain more coins for your harvest.

There will be a store showing in the right corner where you can purchase updates, fertility, and tools for your garden. Keep in mind that the crucial part of this game at http://abcya4.net/ is the work of discovering new elements and how plants evolve throughout the progress so don't get too focus on making money! Some of the plants that you will see in this game are the Weed, Cloud, Moss, or Lawn and plenty other unique names! Continue to cultivate and grow more crops on different lands in the games like Endless Siege and Neoxplosive! Let's see which ranking your farm will get after a long time of hardwork!

Instructions: Click and move the left button to interact and grow.