End Of War

Here on our ABCya new game of End Of War, we need a new hero to revive the city after the war has passed and left the damage that needs time to heal. During the war in this game, thousands of bombs destroyed cities and infrastructure. We need you to fix the remained ruins and unite the remaining disparate people to make this city alive again. The work of rebuilding the city landscapes, reuniting people of all ages, and rebuilding cities will take some effort and commanding skills. Let's see if you will be the right one to carry out this task and win this game!

Firstly, one of the most crucial tasks that we need your hands on will be the work of re-growing these scattered forests. The goal of this mission is to bring back the growing forest and rekindle hope that a new peaceful existence can be brought back. Move around the areas that need your support in growing the trees and continue to expand them forward. More and more resources such as wood, metals, gold, and so on are needed for a full recovery.

Moreover, when you come across scattered people, you need to gather them and unite a force to rebuild houses. Keep track of the factories and infrastructure to make sure you have enough energy for your city. Are you ready to rescue the people from the ruins and bring your country to prosperity with this game at https://abcya4.net/? We bring daily replenished games such as Snake Blockade and Candy Monsters Puzzle to your free game list so that you can enjoy a good day off with weekend gaming alongside friends and family, so don't hesitate to spread the joyful spirit!

How to play:

Use the mouse to control the citizens and gather resources.