Snake Blockade

Maneuvering your snake through tons of maze traps and obstacles in our new ABCya free game 4 kids: Snake Blockade! You have the chance to enjoy a fun route alongside a long snake that is trying to not only gather more yellow food pieces but also try to get through all obstacles. As you start the game, there will be multiple levels, each with a signature layout and path that you need to move through. Be careful as one single contact or crash and collision with the blocks is enough to put your snake out of the game. Thanks to the fun and endless gameplay, you can continue the journey for as long as you wish with your long snake!

Pay attention to the yellow dots, these are the food pieces and they shall appear randomly from time to time. Control the snake's movement as well as its direction to gather them at a speedy pace so that you can quickly make the snake grow. The faster you collect food, the faster your snake becomes powerful and hard to be removed by opponents. However, there will be a disadvantage that comes with the length of your snake is getting. A longer body makes it harder to dodge the blocks along the way, so pay more attention as you progress further in this game.

Some blocks are huge, therefore, they require your snake to consist of a certain number of points to pass through and get to the next one. Keep in mind that the most important task of this game from will be the obstacles with larger numbers embedded in them. As long as you stay away from them, your points will be reserved! Other frequently played games of arcade such as Easter Coloring Book and Magic Soccer might be an excellent next choice for your game time with your friend, so try it out!

Controls: Move using the mouse or arrows.