Falling Gifts

Falling Gifts is the game of your dream as you will freely capture the falling gifts from the sky without any worries! There is a particular incident in the ABCya game and suddenly, citizens find tons of gifts falling randomly from the sky. There is a variety of gift kinds, different gift wrappings, and patterns. You will not be collecting all of them, but instead, only gather the ones that fit your wish list that is shown on the left panel. As you memorize the gift list, start gathering the falling gifts by dragging your Christmas shopping cart sideways.

From the left to the right and vice versa, it's up to you to select the most suitable gifts. If you catch anything other than the ones that are written on the wish list, the game will be over. Let's avoid the wrong items at all costs and keep them for the other kids. Enjoy the lovely and beautiful winter theme as this is a game for Christmas and winter, along with the best list of jazz music to accompany you in the background. There will be a simple and efficient tutorial given to you at the beginning of the game to make sure kids of all ages can learn the rules and enjoy the game without any interruption. Moreover, if you manage to collect the special gifts or the unique sets, the total scores will be higher. Let's see how many gifts you can collect within the timeframe of 60 seconds and no more!

As the game comes with a limitation on time, you need to be very fast and precise in collecting the gifts and avoiding the wrong items. At https://abcya4.net/, tons of new games for kids with tons of genres like sports, girls, cooking, action, and plenty others such as Hot Dog Bush and Perfect Christmas Cottage are available at the tips of your fingers, so check them out!

Controls: Click and drag the mouse to move the cart.