Golf Field

Golf Field - the new ABCya game 4 kids brings an adorable animation with a lovely interactive movement for kids of all ages! If you are a fan of physics-related games, this one will be a good option for you. Don't let your skill go to waste and hop into this game without worrying about any cost or interruption at all! Depending on the game levels, the layout and the shape of the golf field will change. This may bring about a harder layout or much complicated sets with tons of obstacles, blockage, and other strange items.

Keep your focus and calculate how the other setting will affect your ball's movement. Once you have chosen the suitable direction, hit the golf ball so that it can go towards the hole and overcome the long trip. Take advantage of the walls and their bounciness to maneuver your golf ball in a smooth motion. Some huge obstacles and items that you might come across will be the thrones lasers and blocked routes that will prevent the ball from going through. Make sure that you find the switch or another path to open the blocked routes and unlock the path for further exploration.

Another point that is highlighted in this game from is that the height of the routes will change when the levels change. Be prepared for any possible difficulty that will cause troubles for your journey to reach the golf hole! A tip for the newbies in this game is that you need to estimate the motion of the golf balls well to know how to put pressure and affect it! Come to our game world that is filled with the best games online for your daily entertainment such as Battle Soccer Arena and Street Basketball!

Instructions: Drag and release the ball to hit it in the chosen direction.