GP Moto Racing 2

Be the first to set the track on fire with the highest speed in GP Moto Racing 2 - a sequel to this amazing fast-paced gaming selection from ABCya4 racing game! If you had a fun time with the first version thanks to the exhilarating gameplay, thrilling challenges, and trendy sports cars, this new version will guarantee a more exciting experience for the fans of racing games! Take your time with the main mode, or go ahead and tackle the two available options one by one, ranging from the Race mode to the Time Attack Mode.

The first one with the name of Race Mode will let you conquer a total of 10 tracks, each with its unique layout and required speed. In order to survive all of them, from track 1 to the last one, the racers are required to adjust a combination of speed and drift force so that the car is perfectly balanced even during the curvy routes. Try your best to bypass the others without being pushed off the track or get hit by the barriers and such. Collect your rewarding coins for winning the races and use them for better equipment purchases from the stores! A new bike will bring better capacity and a new experience for you in this game of driving, so try to add up more and more models to your collection.

Meanwhile, in the latter mode, let's follow the goal of being the fastest to reach the finish line. Race against the time and try to break your record one to another. Since there's no other opponent, you are just basically trying to defeat the older record of yourself. Will you be able to master these beasts of motorbikes in more racing games such as Furious Road and Rage Road at!


Drive and move using arrows,

Spacebar to hit the brake,

Shift key for nitro boost.