Up Hill Racing 2

Keep your head in the game and prepare for the most exciting ride of your life here at Up Hill Racing 2 - our new update with a thrilling physics-based driving mechanism, amazing gameplay, and lots of diverse challenging terrains. It's crucial to learn how to drive all these different vehicles to make your mark in this game from ABCya racing games. Roaster, Wagon, Pickup Monster, Truck, and Half Track are the models of vehicles that you can choose to prepare for your next adventure. Feel free to check out the specs and leverage the advantage points to your end! Also, the driver will have to equip enough knowledge and skills to bypass a wide range of terrains, such as Plain, Hillock, Desert, or even slide on the Arctic map.

Depending on the difficulty level of each map, you gain a specific percentage of map bonus and additional coin rewards for your new reach! Upgrades can be purchased and changed from time to time by visiting the in-game store. Let us guide you through some important elements of your vehicles that you have to keep in check throughout the race. Fuel and Engine are for indicating your level of the gas tank and the engine workload. Check out Tires to know if your tires have been worn out and need a change.

The Stability number of the vehicles shall let the players know if the car balance is functioning correctly. Once you have mastered them all, it's time to hit the real road and showcase your talent in driving, drifting, and maneuvering! Start moving on the assigned road by using gas and brake points. Move with enough force to keep the balance and steadily reach the final destination! Check out more games like Bouncy Motors and Extreme Drag Racing with one click on https://abcya4.net/ if you are in for a thrilling ride later!

Instructions: Play with the on-screen gas and brake keys, or use the arrow keys.