Halloween Collect

Are you ready for a new treat-collecting game from ABCya land with the theme of Halloween? Enjoy the collecting of new items here at Halloween Collect and dive into this world that is filled with free items that you can gather for as long as you like! The most popular items for this occasion such as the witches, Jack O’ Lantern, bat, Dracula, monster eyes, or tiny coffins to fill up your collection of decorations!

As it's a matching game with three items as a minimum, your job is to search and connect the identical items in the lines of three. The more items you can gather, the more boosters and hints you get. For example, a line filled with six identical items gives you a bonus to eliminate a whole row or a whole column of your choice. This will be extremely helpful later for the hard setting.

A set of seven or more will even bring you a time bonus to add up the time remaining. The chains of similar-types items can be in the order of horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Easy as it sounds, it will take you more effort to master the highest score records. Checking your skillsets and tackling other similar games such as Rotating Cube for more brain-wrecking quizzes and puzzles.

Dive into the world of free games here at our website https://abcya4.net/ and see which genres will attract you the most. The free gaming list will come in a diverse range for all kids and adults, therefore, take your pick and enjoy the gaming experience! Switch the positions of the items wisely to not only create more lines but also to remove the most items in one move.

Controlling keys:

Click to move the items and rearrange the pieces.