Mine Shooter

Defending yourself takes some serious work, especially in MineWorld where your enemies are the best players who can conquer the map, build their bases, and invade the others. Mine Shooter is a new Abcya game 4 kids with a wide range of available weapons at your disposal: rifles, handguns, sniper rifles, pistols, machine guns, grenades, bombs, and bazooka. It's crucial that you destroy enemies and their grenades before they explode.

While dodging and steering clear of the golems, make sure to shoot at the upcoming skeletons. Another problem that you will have to face here is the hordes of zombies that will wreck your places if they reach the inner base, so keep them at bay at all costs. It's a fast-paced and complex game to showcase your skills at defending, offending, and saving the world at the same time! Why don't you take a look with more games like KoGaMa: Ostry and Craft Runner from http://abcya4.net/minecraft?

We guarantee that the diversity in terms of genres and gameplay will keep you hooked for hours on end. Pixelated theme is always the highlight of games like this one as the kids who are fans of Minecraft are enjoying them so much. Keep the scores going up and gain tons of new unlocked items with your talents in this online game now! Hidden inside the corners are your enemies, so take every move cautiously in order to keep your character alive in this survival gaming selection.

Controlling keys: Move and change viewpoint using WASD, use W and Shift key to run, spacebar to jump, left mouse button to shoot. The right mouse button is for holding and aiming. You can change the weapons using the number keys 1 to 7, R to reload, and F to hit a knife attack.