Noob Vs Spider Train

Are you ready to support Noob in the hardcore fight against the dangerous Spider Train? Here in our latest game: Noob Vs Spider Train, we are in search of a player who can build a strong base and win the battle. Like any other pixelated game from the Noob series, in this version, you will also get to enjoy a 2D gaming world where pixel items and features are available. As you start the game, prepare to roam the place and learn how to keep your character safe. Run across the world of this brand-new Minecraft universe to explore the different areas where you can collect resources, such as forests, deserts, cities, and even the seas.

First, you will need to support Charles to learn the layout of the map to know where to head and where your spider train enemy is. Utilize his power of him as a fast runner and a mean fighter with fire shooting ability to clear the area of enemies. However, stay focused and be careful upon treading new territories because plenty of new obstacles, enemies, and projectiles might be scattered. Pay attention to the diamonds and collect as many as possible to unlock new locations and updates for the character.

Higher-ranked characters come with more powers and shooting force, so purchase new skins when you have the coins as this shall help your progress! In-game items are plenty for the kids to explore! There's no limitation on this free game, so play whenever you like and spread the fun spirit to your friends or family! Would you like to try out some similar arcade games such as  My Craft: Craft Adventure and Block Craft Zombie Attack ? These are also available for access with one click on anytime, so check them out!

How to play Noob Vs Spider Train: Use the mouse and arrow keys to navigate and move.