Halloween Sudoku

The classic logic puzzle game of Sudoku has gotten a makeover here at ABCya land with the special edition of the Halloween version: Halloween Sudoku! Don't forget to test your ability when it comes to solving different problems on different boards, scattered on three gaming modes of Easy, Medium, and Hard. The main gameplay resembles that of the original game.

However, you will need to memorize new items on the board instead of numbers. Arranging the pieces is not too hard, however, if you can't memorize them, the task will take more time. In order to achieve the final result as you did in the original Sudoku gameplay, do your best to keep track of the remaining blocks. The players' task will be to fill all the cells with Halloween items so that the requirement is met.

Make sure that each of your row, column, or 3x3 cell need to contain a Halloween item at least once. As the rules don't change, you will have to try and adapt to the changing items. This is the only difference between this gaming option and the usual ones. No more than two same items can show up on the same line, which is even harder. Can you crack this board of Halloween sudoku within recorded time and become the top player on the ranking board? It will showcase not only your amazing puzzle-solving skills but also your best memorizing and adapting skills!

Keep exploring more themes of puzzles alongside your friends and family during the holiday. Our daily updated list consists of some famous choices such as Cute Animal Cards or Halloween Lines Saga, free of charge and available all the time for you! Let's see if your critical thinking skill will be enough to win this game before the other players do!


Click the mouse or use the touchpad to move the items.