Icy Purple Head 3

Are you ready to dive into a new adventure with the Icy Purple Head 3? There is nothing that can help you in this quest to win all the stages so you are on your own with the best techniques and skills from your set! The key to this game is to help the postman to make sure the parcels are to the destination without fail at any stage.

Time will be of the essence in this side-scrolling game as well since it requires you to be quick to avoid running out of time. First, learn how to run, jump, and manage the stop or continue the movement of the parcels. You can control and make the parcels frozen so that they can slide on the platform to a specific point to reach the box.

Fun hats are the rewards for you to use as a booster and momentum to continue and unlock more items in the future. Cooler hats will make your character stand out significantly, therefore, make sure that you can gather as many as possible. There will be some post birds showing up here and there to pick on the box.

You should be careful and prepare to keep your distance so that the post birds don't hit and rob your parcels away. Another thing that you can take advantage of in this game from https://abcya4.net/ is the fan airflow which will either blow all the birds away or blow your parcels off the platform as well. The more you explore the wide range of games such as Snow Fun and Join and Clash Battle, the more skills you will acquire for yourself.

Controlling keys: Touch and hold the button to make the block frozen and release the mouse cursor to change it back to normal states.