Ikki Samurai Jump

Ikki Samurai Jump will not be an easy feat for a new game in the range of the samurai game at ABCya 2022. If you love a bit of adventure in the bamboo forest with Ikki the mighty samurai, help him conquer the highest bamboo platform possible. This new game might look like your ordinary jumping game where you conquer higher blocks but it will be much harder to master.

The movement of Ikki is swift and intentional, therefore, you need to control the timing of the jump as precisely as possible. As the minor samurai, jump from one floor to another to avoid the enemies and progress to the highest platform you might be able to reach. Keep in mind that you need to be beware of the enemies because one single touch will make you miss out on the next journey.

It's all about getting the highest scores while staying alive1 The game focuses on making you enhance your reflexes, attention, and the optimum speed for the top scores possible on the Leaderboard. In order to make a good jump, you need to estimate the movement of Ikki so that you can easily learn how to pick the best timing for each jump.

Make sure to calculate the direction that your enemies are heading and come up with the best strategies to compromise with any new situation. Your jumping and timing skills will be enhanced after this game at https://abcya4.net/ for sure! Other games like Fishing Puzzles will spice up your amazing game time with your friends and family. There will be more chances that you can dive into the diverse themes of action, arcade, puzzle, girl games, and so on!

How to play:

Tap or use the left mouse button to jump and avoid the enemies.