Impostor Rush Rocket Launcher

Stop the runaway impostor on the island with your shooting technique in this game of Impostor Rush Rocket Launcher - an additional choice for the fans of the original Impostor game series. You will participate and work in a team full of soldiers whose mission is to capture the impostor who is trying to run away. Don't let them escape the island and eliminate them all if they try to escape!

You will control your individual character and serve the work of shooting. In order to aim and hit the targets in this ABCya action game, make sure to understand the basic control of the rocket launcher. Calculate the angle to shoot the soldiers and target even those located on the towers of different heights. Use different tactics and different shooting lines to take advantage of not only the wind but also the gravity and make the best of your shot.

Limited chances are given, so don't waste any. There shall be scattered coins on the path or they might be showing up once you successfully remove a soldier. Collect them all and strive for the top results! These valuable gold coins can be used to purchase new characters or boosters and updates that will become quite helpful for later levels. Overall, the gameplay shall focus on the art of aiming and choosing the best timing to release the shot.

There are tons of room to explore and expand the map with your fellow soldiers! Our daily replenished list of games at will be filled with an organized collection and categories of games for you to share with friends later, such as Noob vs Pro Challenge or Battle Heroes 3!

Controlling keys:

Click and hold the right mouse click to aim and shoot at the opponent.

Play using the touchpad on mobiles and tablets.