Insects Bumping Match

Take your shot to have a blasting time with this hilarious puzzle and arcade game of Insects Bumping Match from the collection of! Not only will the colorful palette and pretty pieces of blocks be the highlights of this game but we believe that you will also enjoy the gameplay a lot. Your task is to observe the board, search for all that is similar, and match those spotted similar pieces so that all of them are placed together.

With the most pairs matched, you will soon gain the top scores and showcase the confidence of yours in matching without failure. A rule to follow in this game of puzzles is that you only need to use less or equal to 3 lines for matching. Anything more than that will not work well. Once you have spotted the pairs that can be connected using the lines, start sliding the blocks vertically and horizontally towards the one that you selected to pair up. If you manage to come up with the least moves possible, there will be more combos and rewards for you.

The top criteria for getting a high rank should be how many moves that you used, so pay extra attention to it! For any other move than the available 3 moves, you will be deducted 10 points, therefore, think carefully before doing so. Are you ready to break down all the layouts of the blocks in this thrilling puzzle game for kids at ABCya 4? A tad bit of freestyle from time to time will be fun, so get creative with your solution and options. Other free games that you can enjoy on both mobile and tablet are Figures In The Clouds and Venom's Adventures, take a shot!

How to control the blocks in Insects Bumping Match: Move the blocks using the mouse or touchpad.