Figures In The Clouds

Figures in the Clouds will be a suitable game for little kids to enjoy during their holiday as this game has such easy gameplay that kids of all ages will be able to understand quickly. With this ABCya 4 puzzle game, the players will get to discover the shape of items as shown in the clouds and figure out which figure is the correct one. Once you start the game, there will be an item shown on the screen at the bottom part and three shapes of clouds on the top. It's your task to look at the cloud shapes and figure out which one is the actual figure of the item that is given.

This distinction genre of game will require your quick eyesight, observation skills, matching techniques to quickly spot the correct answer. If you take too long, your scores will not be as high as the original reward. Keep on going from one quiz to another until there's nothing left to solve. When you manage to conquer them all, the winner is you! This game will help little kids have fun while learning to distinguish different shapes with colorful images and vivid designs.

Learning sessions can become much more interesting and fun thanks to this game from our list at! Would you like to enhance more skills of spotting the differences, problem-solving, and so many others with new games such as Kris Mahjong and Captain Gold? There will be only one chance to select that correct corresponding cloud, so don't make any mistake and generate the most combos throughout the game! This highly requested game will be one of your favorites soon, so check it out!

How to play Figures In The Clouds: Use the left mouse and mouse cursor to click and drag the item to the right cloud shape.