Captain Gold

If you are looking for a new game with cool cartoony graphics, fun animation, hyper-casual gameplay, and plenty more to come, this new game of Captain Gold will be a suitable adventure theme this weekend! Pay a visit to this game piece here at ABCya Land and practice your skills by smashing and gathering valuable stones. From gold pieces to colorful gems and stones, you will have to try and obtain them all. The two most important tasks are smashing and collecting, but the difficulty and frequency depend on the levels. Look out for the scattered and floating pieces of colorful stones.

Once you hit the level, these stones will show up randomly and it's your job to smash them with the sharp hammer before gathering the pieces into the bucket. Let's get busy extracting gold, digging up diamonds, and searching for rubies, and other useful materials available from the mines. This new game brings colorful and interactive gameplay for kids of all ages to participate in! Once the captain's cart has been filled up to the brim, you can move forward and unlock the next level. Don't forget that the key to winning this game will be to throw the hammers perfectly on time and don't miss even for a second.

There is a limit on several hits that you can carry out on each turn, which will be three times. After these three chances, if there are still stones left to break, your mission will fail. Utilize the given chances wisely and make sure that your gaming session is efficient and that no time is wasted! Each successfully collected ordinary stone gives you 1 point, while the gold brings 2 points and diamonds shall be worth three. Try out more games like Magic Soccer or Tower Match at our game list to boost up your spirit!

Instruction: Use the mouse or touchpad to break gems.