Jump Bunny Jump

Jump Bunny Jump will let you go on a new journey that is not in the order of horizontal but vertical, which makes this ABCya4 action game one of the most interesting new games that you can find on the list. Our main character is the little bunny who has the potential to hop very high as long as he got some supporting force and shooting momentum. You will help him in the journey with this catapult and jump up to fulfill the basket with lots of coins! First, shoot the bunny from the catapult and aim correctly.

Once the bunny is on air, you can start controlling the movement from the left to the right and vice versa to gather the floating coins that scatter around. When you collect some coins, the bunny gets some more force and will bounce forward more. However, if you fail to gather coins for a few seconds, it's possible that the momentum will wear out and lead to falling! During the jump, use the power-ups and boosters in the best timing will give you extra time midair and more boost to hit higher. Keep an eye on the obstacles that will randomly show up because they can either be a hinder or a support platform to shoot further up depending on how you take advantage of them!

Of course, lots of other obstacles and animals will be there to make it difficult for you to move up, but be steady in movement and you will bypass them all! After you manage to get some collected inventions, hit the store to discover more items for yourself. This game is available for both boys and girls of all ages with one touch at https://abcya4.net/, similar to other games such as Vex 5 and Capture The Chickens!

Controls: Use the space to shoot and arrow keys to maneuver.