Paint The Fence

Pain the Fence is a painting and coloring game that is way more challenging than anything you've ever played before, even in the world of home decoration games online, and it makes us very excited that we could unearth it and share it with you right now, where we've had plenty of fun with it ourselves!

Paint The Fence, motivated by all the fun of painting wall at home, just this time with a wind! Have you at any point painted a fence in a spring of gushing lava?! Presently with the all new sticker framework You have a lot of rewards to open and insider facts to find. Keep an eye out for every one of the impediments and on the off chance that you don't finish a level you pass on. So at Abcya 4! Get out there and crush some fence painting activity! Much fun!

You will have fun while playing this game. Extreme graphic design attracts players. If you love this game, you can play some more similar games like Paint The Fence and Insect Exploration.


Use the mouse to move your paint brush, click and hold the mouse down to paint with all the tools.

Use 1-0 hotkeys on keyboard and/or num pad to switch between paint colors in game.