Parking Man

Parking Man is an interesting racing game which is playable on Abcya 4. It's an ideal opportunity to start your own business, however insufficient cash? You really want to work a little as a stopping orderly, however watch out! This ought to be done cautiously and cautiously, on the grounds that there are a ton of deterrents and risks in these parking garages! Would you be able to leave every one of the vehicles without breaking them?

The graphic design is vivid, the image of the aquarium is great. You will feel very excited if you can join some other games similar to Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator at Stumble Boys Match.

It is necessary to catch free parking spaces and complete the special tasks. Obstacles such as plants, signs and barriers sometimes block parking spaces and if a space is already occupied, of course you can't park a car there. However, you can also earn bonus points:  Place police cars on the spot where a policeman is standing or an ambulance near a paramedic.